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Sustainability and sustainable production

Sustainable development is a big part of who we are. Most of our employees love to spend time in nature so it feels right for us to do what we can to take care of it in every way. 


That’s why Brandworks is the first production agency in Sweden ISO 14001 certified – an environmental management system that makes us better and greener every day. We constantly work together with our customers and suppliers to make as small an environmental impact as possible in our projects and daily lives.


We reduce waste, recycle, reuse and use environmentally friendly materials wherever we can. From design to establishment we look at the sustainability of the entire process and work tirelessly to achieve our environmental goals:

  1. Recycle 90% of the material used in our production process.

  2. All cars in the company will be powered by fossil free fuels by 2026.

  3. Reduce the use of environmentally hazardous chemicals and eventually replace them all together.


We constantly evaluate our projects and how we can make them more environmentally friendly. We always strive to be better.


Our mission – Be the sustainable production choice for conscious companies building their brands.


A world without bees is a world without food! This little insect makes an invaluable contribution to food production all over the world. But now it’s threatened by extinction. A reduction in the number of bees will worsen harvests and lead to insecurity in the food supply.


We want to help so we adopted a bee society in Roslagen. Beekeeper Charlie takes care of our bees and every year our little friends supply us with our own honey. Come by for a cup of tea and we’ll give you a taste of what the busiest workers at Brandworks produce.

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